Bridging calculator

Our bridging loan calculator will help you plan for your project by giving you an indication of how much you will need to repay at the end of your short-term bridging loan. Simply input the amount required, the monthly interest rate and the loan term in months, and click ‘calculate’.


You will be provided with four figures: the total lender fee (which is 2.00% of the total loan amount), our broker fee (which is 1.00% of the total loan amount), the monthly interest repayment, and the total amount payable at the end of the loan term.

Please note that there are other ways of paying your bridging loan which may alter the monthly and total amounts you need to repay. See our article How you can repay your bridging loan interest or speak to your advisor for more information.

The actual repayment amount may vary depending on a number of factors, such as how you choose to repay your interest. Ask our advisers for a personalised illustration.

Bridging Loan Rates

We can help you find a great rate on a bridging loan. We are not tied to a specific lender and can search amongst a range of products to find a short-term finance bridging loan that matches your needs


This table is an indication of some typical bridging loan rates. As no two bridging loans are the same,please view this as a representation of what the interest on a loan of £100,000 would typically cost, for the rates available today.

Your specialist bridging loan adviser will look at your individual circumstances to recommend a product to suit you.

We charge £995 or 1% of loan value (whichever is greater) for our bridging loan advice service. This fee is only payable upon completion of your loan.

The FCA do not regulate some forms of bridging loans.

*This does not include any of the fees associated with a bridging loan, such as the valuation fee or any solicitor fees as these will vary from lender to lender.

Hack an ordinary calculator to help you “remember” important stuff!
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  • ucHorrible

    My teacher said that we would have to use her calculators…

  • begloz

    How about studying 30 minutes more instead of spending a day to create that
    useless tool? :/

  • TheOrzage

    Exactly how can you get suspended for this? It’s like a note…but with

  • nGon-

    Can somepony tell me how this is in any way worth it. I mean first of you’d
    have to buy the audio recorder and some small parts, and don’t suppose you
    have the grinder thing ready either. So once you’ve got all that you’ve
    gotta hook it all up in your calculator. I think by that time, whatever
    you’ve spoken into the recorder is already stuck in your head. And if you
    wanted to use it, either you’d have to hold your ear near the calculator
    (draws suspicion) or your teacher would have to be hard hearing (or your
    class would have to be filled with a lot of noise, in which case your
    teachers shouldn’t me authorised to give tests). And in the end, it
    wouldn’t at any cost be worth it cause you don’t learn anything from it
    aside from a bit of assembling (if I were his teacher I probably wouldn’t
    mind that he cheated cause the “hack” probably took more time than if you
    actually learned it). 

  • Lindle Lee

    How to get an A, dont use a regular calculator. Seriously, in Engineering,
    you will automatically fail if you use this type of calculator.

  • Damien Hartley

    Why use a bulky recorder that records 60 seconds when you can use a cheap
    mp3 player that records 8 hours.

  • Huy Nguyen

    LOL..good job there. Now the whole class will hear your recording during
    exam. How about a hack that will let your calculator display answers

  • FuckYouGooglePlus

    I can’t imagine a LESS effective way to cheat than to have something SAY IT
    OUT LOUD. chance of a teacher hearing it! And of course, all
    teachers allow you to listen to music while taking a test…so adding that
    earbud jack will do the trick!

  • Son Goku

    Who actually did this,be honest. 

  • TheMidnightNarwhal

    This is stupid… everyone will hear this, and even if you put headphone
    jack you can’t wear your earbuds/headphones in class.

  • Sammy Sam

    I just got beat with a wooden spoon :(

  • Robert Ribeiro

    DON”T READ THE COMMENTS !! Just dumb kids trolling each other.

  • Workundercover

    Or, you can just study for your test.

  • Antonio Rodriguez

    That is pretty loud tho so not that sneaky

  • Ahmed Ullah

    “Beatings with a wooden spoon”
    Pfft thats nothing.
    I get beaten by my sir everyday with a metal scale.

  • Hannah Paunil

    Hey doofus, why do you have to share this if you want people to use it



    My first impression: How to modify the calculator so instead of numbers,
    you get “A”s

  • Chlo P

    My school doesn’t let you bring your own calculator, probably because
    people did stuff like this.

  • Jaydon Dunn

    I got beaten by a wooden spoon the other day

  • Stefan Tosic

    I tried this and I got beaten by a wooden spoon. downvoted and flagged

  • Nicholas B.

    Yeah, because in silent exam conditions, you will be able to listen to a
    recording and not get caught without a problem…

  • Frost Gaming

    hmm vocie recroder and calculator (im at 1:02) lemme guess hes gonna wire
    oe of the calculator buttons to activate the voice data thing in the voice

  • KaiMc Raidz

    Why do u make a video that has all of these things that you have to buy and
    what if we don’t want to waste our money to make a calculator have a “A” on
    it? It is stupid

  • Pen Rock

    Beatings with wooden spoon

  • Shaddic D

    *accidently sets it off in another class while it’s quiet* 

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