Bridging Loans and Short Term Property Financing

Bridging Finance is a short term secured loan, which is usually approved a lot fast but has different rules than a normal long term finance agreement would have. This type of finance is sometimes described as a very short term mortgage. with mortgages alike, bridging finance needs to be secured over a property. the loan can be secured over both commercial and residential property within England and Wales, bridging loan brokers are specialists in providing the best finance to suit your needs.

There are many purposes for a loan of this type depending on the plan of the recipient

Buying Property fast

investors are always on the hunt for the best deal in the property world, to snap up these deal short term funding is a very useful way to complete the Transactions quickly and easily
London finance centre can approve loans within an average of 5 workings days. however we have be known to work hard for a customers in urgent times of need getting approval within a shorter time period. due the nature of the speed our clients can complete, they are often seen as cash buyers and are therefore in a better place to negotiate discounts as they are willing to close so quickly

Property Refurbishment

At London finance centre we also specialise in providing loans against property in need of urgent refurbishment prior to well as funding going towards property conversion

we have many clients who perform this type transactions multiple times a year, our finance aids them in developments and renovation that allows them to see a quick turn around and realise generous profits for themselves

Chain breaking

Chain break circumstances arise frequently where a home-owner and perspective buyer finds themselves unable to sell their current property but have managed to find a new property they would like to buy. London finance centre provide solutions through bridge financing. we provide a loan secured against your current home allowing you to purchase the new property. at the time your property sell you pay of the outstanding loan

Auction finance

With bridging finance provided you will be able to bid with confidence at any property auction. you will have the peace of mind knowing that your bids are backed by finance that is confirmed to be available on time




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