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Get financing for Property development with a bridging loans company

Bridging finance is effectively a short-term loan, normally taken for a period of up to 12 months which can be used for a number of purposes from consolidating debts, purchasing new property or undertaking an office refurbishment. Property developers often turn to bridging finance as a short-term solution that will allow property refurbishment or builds to commence even if the initial injection of cash is not present. Whether you are a small property developer working on just 1 or 2 properties a year or an established property development company with many schemes, property development finance is available to you.

How do property developers use bridging finance?

Many property developers are able to get the financing for Property development with a bridging loans company as a means to buy property at auctions, or new developments as well as to undertake improvements, conversions and refurbishment. This injection of finance allows developers to get projects started in the absence immediate funds. Some property developers will also use bridging loans to break mortgage chains, to purchase buy-to-let properties or raise working capital.

Here is a good example of when and how a property developer may call on a bridging loan:

A developer has viewed two properties, both require refurbishment and both present an attractive and lucrative resale opportunity. The properties are known amongst the property developer community and there has been interest from a number of parties, speed is therefore of an essence or another developer will secure these properties. A bridging loan can be put in place where a normal mortgage application would have resulted in the property going to another developer who had the funds immediately available. Bridging finance can be made available at short notice especially if both the property and developer present a credible investment, this allows the developer to buy the properties and begin his renovations.


This is a classic example of when a bridging loan company can secure a property for the developer; it allows the developer to secure the property without the need to sell any of their existing property or assets. This is particularly useful when property is bought for the sole purpose of immediately selling it on again for a profit. By using bridging finance the only additional cost for the developer would be the interest paid on the short-term bridging loan.

Bridging loans are also great for those developers who want to reduce or re-organise their costs and equity or are looking to execute draw downs across an investment portfolio to release some cash.

If you are a property developer seeking short term cash then the London finance center could be the solution you are looking for. There are many bridging loans companies. When applying for the loan it is worth keeping in mind that non-status bridging loans normally require an 80% loan to valuation, although this can rise to 100% if you have additional security or are buying your property for less than its market value. You should also expect to pay a one off facility fee, interest rates 1% to 2% per month and remember that if you pay your loan off early exit fees may be charged.

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Bridging finance to purchase a property at auction

When you attend a property auction in London and elsewhere you will find properties there which are for residential and commercial purposes. Property auctions provide opportunities to purchasers who are interested in buying either for investment or other purposes.

Property auctions are usually conducted to achieve a quick sale and so more often that not a way to be able to provide quick finance is need. a bridging loans is often used to secure the purchase of a property at auction

If you are purchasing a property at an auction you need to make a decision on where you want to buy a property and how much money you wish to spend. When you have this information you are then ready to attend the auction.

However, you should always remember that, you are given only 28 days to complete the purchase process after the hammer goes down

Before bidding for a property it is essential for you to check the following

you are registered with auctioneers and get a catalog from them for their forthcoming property auctions.

Check the auctions guide prices provided in the catalogs.

If possible always check out the property beforehand before you put a bid in.

Hire a solicitor so that you receive proper legal guidance from the very beginning and don’t face any problems later on.

Be aware about all the special conditions of sale at.

Try to attain a surveyor’s report before bidding.

most importantly find a bridging loan company to assist with the necessary finance

If you do not wish to attend the auction personally then you have three options in which to bid:

Appoint someone to attend for you maybe your friend or solicitor, they can then bid on your behalf, but make sure you inform the Property Auctioneer in writing about this beforehand.

Bids can be made over the phone, but for this option you need to make arrangements with the Auctioneer in advance.

The last option you have is to bid by proxy. If you choose to do this you will have to register your highest bid with the Auctioneer. You will usually have to put down a deposit of 10% to do this.

Buying a property at an auction can be expensive; this is where bridging loans can also come in handy

If you require Bridging finance to purchase a property at auction it is advisable to get the loan amount approved in advance and not wait until the day of the auction. This will allow property investors to bid with the confidence that their finance is secure. Principal lenders will provide fast bridging loans within a day or two after your application for the loan. For the fast approval of the loans, you need to provide all the necessary documents along with the application.

London Bridging loans are loans which are secured against a property, and are normally a short term fix, and therefore the repayment time is usually between one – twelve months.

At the London finance center, we will guide you through our easy and quick paperwork in order for you to complete your purchase.

We are on of the UK’s leading providers of Bridging Loans to suit any property purchase. our bridging brokers specialise in helping to provide financial services to both public and private companies of all sizes. For all type of bridging loans contact us today

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For Bridging Loans

Personal bridging loans are the short term loans to meet the personal requirements till you arrange finances. but how long does it take for a bridging loan application to get approved? There are times when you need urgent and huge capital for any of reasons. You sell your home or ideal property to meet the same but the sale takes time. You can opt for bridging finance at that time to get immediate cash and can repay that amount with sale proceeds which you may be getting in near future.

While going for any loan, a borrower is very much concerned about the interest rate at which he has to repay the loan. Like any other short term loan a bridge loans also carry a higher interest rate. But not to worry, these loans are interest only loans, which meant that you have to only pay interest till you get the sale proceedings to pay the principle amount.

There are number of things for which you can use the loan amount. These are:

* Debt consolidation

* Buying residential or commercial properties

* Purchasing car or boat or any automobile

* Dream holidays which you desired for a long time

* Investments in business proposals

* Wedding, education and health expense

* Miscellaneous

bridging image

this type of loan is secured by the property being sold and allows you to borrow up to 70% of its value. In figures, the amount lies around £25000 to £100000. This limit varies from lender to lender. The repayment term is around 6 months and can stretch up to 2 years. Also, you have the option to repay the loan money before the repayment term. But a lender may charge you with certain amount of penalty, generally equalling to two month’s interest.

Depending upon the situation they are defined by two terms. When you apply after putting your property on sale it is called closed end. Where the property is yet to be sold, the loan will be termed as open end.

Online application form makes it convenient for the borrowers to apply for the London bridging loans we specialise in. Also, it promises to protect your personal details under data protection act 1998. You can fill the form after reading out the terms and condition for the loan. It just takes 3 to 5 working days to get the approval for a personal bridging loan after the first enquiry.

if your thinking about applying for bridging finance or need some more advice go through here

Get Approved Finance Fast To Secure A Property With Bridging

Buying a property? for Your family or for investment? Don’t have the ready cash? Need short term monetary support till you arrange for the money? Go for a bridging loan for finance approved quickly and efficiently to buy a property.

The london finance centre is one which serves you with the approved finances when you are planning to sell your existing property for the purpose of buying a new home amongst other specific needs. It takes time to get the sale proceeds for any property; it is very much possible that within tha agonising wait t the home you wanted to purchase may be sold to some one else with ready cash. This may result in loss of a great deal. our specialised bridging loan covers up for this gap while providing you cash for the time you get the sale proceedings. These loans are secured by the property being sold.
If you have sold your property and waiting for the proceeding, you can go for an open ended residential bridging loan. However, a closed residential bridging loan is for those who haven’t put their property for sale. You can borrow amounts ranging between ₤27000 to £100000 under our London bridging loans. Lenders are ready to increase this limit if the situation demands it.
Bridge loans are short term finance and carry a higher rate of interest, but it has a feature to cover up for this and that is ‘interest only payments’. Yes, these loans are interest only loans this means that you have to make the payments for only the interest rates till you get the proceeding of the property being sold. The principle amount is to be paid out of the sale proceeding. So this makes a residential and commercial bridging loans easy to afford.
Residential bridging loans can also help you in home improvements, which also needs good amount of investments. You can use the money for renovation, adding up rooms, buying furniture for the home, new swimming pool, repairs and sever work, plumbing, any residential purpose etc. So this is an all in one sort of loan for all your residential financial requirements.

To find a good deal in residential bridging loan you can take the help of internet. It can help you to avoid the troublesome job of travelling in the loans market to find the lenders and get the quotes. Free online quotes are available with online comparison tools which can easily help you get the best out of the rest. Then you can fill the application form for the loan quote selected with the required details. The lender once satisfied will contact you with his services.
It takes a maximum of 4 to 5 days to get the approval for the loan, after which you can have the residential bridging loan money ready for getting you your dream home.

To get Get Approved Finance Fast To Secure A Property With Bridging, contact us now to speak to a bridging expert


Purchase A Property Before I Sell Mine With A Bridging Loan

A London bridge loan mortgage is used as short term finance, in scenarios whereby you buy your new home before you’ve actually sold your existing property. If you use this type of mortgage loan facility, you basically have two mortgages simultaneously on two properties, and therefore two lots or mortgager repayments to pay. That is why a bridging finance should only be a short term option, because it’s an expensive way to buy a new property!

You have two options usually when you’re looking to sell your home in order to move to another.

Option 1 is to sell your home and ensure the sale completes at the same time or before you close the deal on your new property. Option 1 is by far the safest and cheapest option as it precludes the need for this. It is also the most common option for most people. But there are occasions when option 2 is used.

Option 2 is to use a this type of loan to allow you to buy a new property whilst you endeavour to sell your existing home, in effect the mortgage is used to finance timing differences between sale and purchase. A bridging loan in london is a short term interest only loan secured on your current home, to allow the proceeds to be used for the purchase of your new property, before your existing property is sold. It basically bridges the gap between the sale of your old house and new home purchase.

So why would you want to take the risk and run the expense of this type of loan facility. Quite simply a London bridge loan mortgage is often the difference between securing the home of your dreams, or missing out! Often when your looking for a new property, one will stand out above all others. When this happens, if you can’t sell your existing property you run the risk of losing out to buyers in a better financial position. It’s at this point that you must decide whether to risk losing the house or risk the additional expense of a loan .Typically, because of the costs involved, it has a short loan term of between six to twelve months.Because the repayment of the loan is dependent on the sale of your existing property to release the necessary funds, most lenders charge high interest rates on bridging finance  . Typically the borrower will have to begin making interest only payments after six months if the house still hasn’t been sold.

Whilst a they can ensure you secure your dream home, it is a very expensive option, and you should consider you financial ability to meet the repayments over a prolonged period should your property not sell quickly. In effect you are paying interest on two property loans simultaneously, so if your original property fails to sell quickly you could soon find yourself considerably out of pocket and unable to meet your repayments. Not only that, but the interest rates charged on a bridging  loan mortgage are very high. You must seriously weigh up just how much you want your dream home, because every month you pay additional interest on a Bridge finance mortgage you are effectively increasing the purchase price of your new home. Before you take out this type of finance you should seek independent advice from a financial adviser from the real estate market.

Find The Right Bridging Loan In London

London Bridging Finance Bridging Loans

At The London finance centre we aim to provide a selection of quick and tailored London bridging loans solutions to all those seek short term finance, we want you to find the bridging loan that is right for you.
our Bridging loans brokers create bridging finance opportunities to suit each individuals needs, weather they need the loan to re finance, need it for the development or refurbishment of a property or for whatever reason, we have you covered
Our clients are both private individuals, as well as members of the corporate and commercial sectors, we realise that no too situations that require funding are exactly the same, which is we go the extra mile to under stand your particular situation in the application process. We will consult with you, and break down what it is you need, and we promise to help deliver it to you in terms that best suit you where possible. to get started fill our out straightforward application form where you can be approved within hours,
if you prefer call us at 07738111818 to set up a free consultation

Bridging loans London 

Being a specialist company in bridging and short term loans we have access to numerous lender throughout the UK, this helps us in acquiring you a deal that suits you in quest for success,

we are able to set up and provide London bridging finance from as low as £20,000 to as high as £10 million, we usually do this on a first or second charge basis, terms are available from 1-12 months with either the possibility of a further extension , we boast and are confident with our very competitive rates

the role of us as bridging finance London lenders has become more and more important in light of the recent economic state, the credit crunch and recession has altered the financial sector significantly , this has seen a steep dip in the rate of mortgage approvals. this has made it extremely more difficult to obtain finance, this has created a preference for the alternative that is bridging loans or otherwise known as bridging finance companies